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Engravable Bracelet

Diamond Bracelet

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Black Stone Bracelet

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Silver Infinity Bracelet

Silver Ring Bracelet

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Bracelets have been in existence for centuries now, an accessory that has been sported by men and women alike. The term first originated from the Greek word “brachile” which translates to “of the arm”. Bracelets have been popular in the Egyptian civilisation and have definitely come a long way since. These stylistic accessories are often personalised and are made from a plethora of materials.

We have bracelets of various styles and shapes, made from the best silver available. Platinum bracelets are also available.

The bracelets come in Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Cubic Zirconia shades.

Here are examples below:

  • Bee Engraved Bracelet: A silver bracelet with the image of a Bee engraved along with the word “mine”. Gift this wonderful bracelet to your loved ones.
  • Silver Bracelets: Standard Silver bracelets created with a stylistic approach. There are three variants, small, medium and large, which have different band thicknesses.
  • Engravable Bracelets: Silver bracelets to which you can give a personal touch. We include a blank space for custom engraving according to our client’s wishes.
  • Diamond Bracelet: Silver bracelets which are studded with diamonds.
  • Chain-mail Bracelet: A variant of the standard silver bracelet with chain shaped links on the bands.
  • Black Stone Bracelet: Silver bracelets studded with black stones in the bands.
  • Solid silver bracelet: Different from the conventional design, solid silver bracelets have a single solid band.
  • Tear Drop Bracelets: Silver bracelets with teardrop shaped linkings.
  • Cross Link Bracelet: Silver bracelets with Cross shaped links.
  • Circle Link Bracelet: Silver bracelets with circular links on the band.
  • Silver Infinity Bracelet: Silver bracelets with the infinity symbol as links on the band.
  • Silver Ring bracelet: Similar to a solid silver bracelet, the singular band present here is thinner.