Silver Butterfly Hoops

Silver Heart Hoops

3 tone 9K gold Earrings

Flat Slight Twist Hoops

WG Pattern Hoops

Rope Look Hoops

Shooting Star Earrings

Slight Oval Hoops

Twisted Hoops

WG With Diamonds

9K Pointed Hoops

Y&WG Twisted Hoops

Butterflies with Rubies

YG Half Hoops

Yellow Gold Hoops

YG Knot Earrings

YG Pearl Studs

Small Rope Twists

YG Tear Drops

YG Thin Hoops

3 Row Half Hoops

YG Tinkerbell Earrings

YG Hearts with Cubics

Dragonfly Earrings

Silver Cross Studs

Tear Drops with cubics

Silver Turtle Drops

Mother of Pearls

Silver Pearl Drops

Silver Studs with Cubics

Stylish Earrings for Daily and Party Wear

Every day demands a new look, a new set of earrings. Kahn’s Jewellers offers a wide range of earrings for everyday wear and occasional wear. Established in the 1980’s, we have come a long way and we keep up with the latest trends to meet all your expectations.

Diamond earrings

Diamonds are considered to be a girl’s best friend. You can choose from diamond danglers to studs to drops. A simple drop will look magnificent with your outfit for the evening. So, browse through our website and buy a diamond earring online. Your diamond accessories will make you the centre of attention at a party.

Gold earrings

We manufacture 22K to 9K gold earrings. You will find intricately designed gold earrings as well as simple gold hoop earrings. You can choose star-shaped earrings, twisted hoops or knot hoops from our extensive collection. A combination of gold and diamond earrings will give you a distinguished look.

Silver earrings

We have myriads of silver earrings just for you. There are twisted hoops, heart-shaped silver earrings, silver turtle drops and many others for you to choose from.

Pearl earrings

Pearl stud earrings will give you an elegant look at your workplace or at an event. Try out our extravagant collection of pearls.

We will help you to design your earring if you want customised jewellery. Our collection also includes pearl drop earrings, sapphire, emerald and ruby earrings. So, what are you waiting for? Log in to our website and purchase an earring.

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