Customised Jewellery Services


When it comes to jewellery services, not all jewellery stores can cater to your requirements. At Kahns Jewellers, we strive to satisfy all your needs.


Appraising a piece of jewellery requires a specialist’s intervention. At Kahns Jewellers, you can bank on us for updates and evaluations of your jewellery. Our highly efficient appraisers will carefully evaluate your adornments and help you out with insurance.

All appraisals are done in store.


Are you bored with regular designs and wish to try out something different? Well, you can contact us for customised jewellery. Kahn’s Jewellers specialises in custom-made designs. Our jewellery manufacturers will collaborate with you to develop intricate jewellery based on your specifications. At Kahn’s Jewellers, South Africa we value your suggestions and strive to cater to your unique requirements. We review sketches and designs and consult with you to create your dream jewellery.


Frame the priceless moments in your life by translating them into marvellous pieces of jewellery. We have a special scheme called commemorative jewellery that allows you to commemorate the special events in your life. From carving the image of your new-born baby to engraving your first artwork, commemorative jewellery will enable you to preserve the precious moments of your life. You can preserve the ashes of a loved one or a pet into a pendant and wear it around your neck to cherish their memory at all times.


You can call or mail us your designs and specifications to tell us what you are exactly looking for. In case you don’t have a copy of the design, you can visit our store in South Africa and instruct our designers to help them manufacture the design. From the type of metal to the size, width and weight, we offer guidance on all the important aspects of jewellery designing.


You can preserve the special occasions in your life by engraving your memories on glass, metal, hip flasks, trophies, beer glasses, wine glasses, cuff links, signature rings, back of watches, presentation trophies, and virtually any form of jewellery.


We repair old jewellery and transform them into new ones, preserving the valuable metal and stones. We can manufacture jewellery according to your specifications and can guide you through to the final product.


Whether you have regular beads or South Sea pearls, you can bank on us for re-threading and repairs.


From straps to glass, we repair everything. You can contact us for installing new batteries, pressure testing as well as other forms of watch services.


Do you wish to replicate the same item? We can cast it for you, which will make it cost-effective.

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